On 10/20/16 10:15 PM, Michael Paquier wrote:
2) If anything is found, stop the server and delete the files manually.
3) Re-start the server.
OK, that's troublesome and costly for large relations, but we know
that's the safest way to go for any versions, and there is no need to
complicate the code with any one-time repairing extensions.

Wouldn't you need to run around to all your replicas and do that as well?

Speaking of which, I implemented a small extension able to truncate
the FSM up to the size of the relation as attached, but as I looked at
it SMGR_TRUNCATE_FSM has been introduced in 9.6 so its range of action
is rather limited... And I pushed as well a version on github:
The limitation range of such an extension is a argument good enough to
just rely on the stop/delete-FSM/start method to fix an instance and
let VACUUM do the rest of the work. That looks to work but use it at
your own risk.

Shouldn't the truncation be logged before it's performed?
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