>> In fact, I am not in
>> favour of tracking the query dependencies for UPDATE/DELETE since we
>> don't have any concrete example as to when that would be needed.
> Right, but as I said before, some FDW might consult FDW options stored in
> those objects during AddForeignUpdateTargets, so we should do that.
>>> Besides
>>> that, I modified add_rte_to_flat_rtable so that the plan's dependencies
>>> are
>>> tracked, but that would lead to tracking the dependencies of unreferenced
>>> foreign tables in dead subqueries or the dependencies of foreign tables
>>> excluded from the plan by eg, constraint exclusion.  But I thought that
>>> would be also OK by the same reason as above.  (Another reason for that
>>> was
>>> it seemed better to me to collect the dependencies in the same place as
>>> for
>>> relation OIDs.)
>> If those unreferenced relations become references because of the
>> changes in options, we will require those query dependencies to be
>> recorded. So, if we are recording query dependencies, we should record
>> the ones on unreferenced relations as well.
> I mean plan dependencies here, not query dependencies.

A query dependency also implies plan dependency since changing query
implies plan changes. So, if query depends upon something, so does the

> Having said that, I like the latest version (v6), so I'd vote for marking
> this as Ready For Committer.

Marked that way.
Best Wishes,
Ashutosh Bapat
EnterpriseDB Corporation
The Postgres Database Company

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