On 2016/10/20 16:27, Ashutosh Bapat wrote:

I wrote:
that, I modified add_rte_to_flat_rtable so that the plan's dependencies
tracked, but that would lead to tracking the dependencies of unreferenced
foreign tables in dead subqueries or the dependencies of foreign tables
excluded from the plan by eg, constraint exclusion.  But I thought that
would be also OK by the same reason as above.

You wrote:
If those unreferenced relations become references because of the
changes in options, we will require those query dependencies to be
recorded. So, if we are recording query dependencies, we should record
the ones on unreferenced relations as well.

I wrote:
I mean plan dependencies here, not query dependencies.

A query dependency also implies plan dependency since changing query
implies plan changes. So, if query depends upon something, so does the


Sorry, my explanation was not enough, but what I just wanted to mention is: for unreferenced relations in the plan (eg, foreign tables excluded from the plan by constraint exclusion), we don't need to record the dependencies of those relations on FDW-related objects in the plan dependency list (ie, glob->invalItems), because the changes to attributes of the FDW-related objects for those relations wouldn't affect the plan.

I wrote:
Having said that, I like the latest version (v6), so I'd vote for marking
this as Ready For Committer.

Marked that way.


Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

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