Bruce Momjian wrote:

> Just to clarify, if a feature improves performance by 1%, but is enabled
> by default, that is 10x more useful across our entire user base as the
> feature numbers listed above, 1% vs 0.1%.

Great.  But not all users are alike.  We have big profile users that
write blog posts that get echoed all over the world who would benefit
from things that perhaps other users would not benefit that much from.

> Also, it seems indirect indexes would be useful for indexing columns
> that are not updated frequently on tables that are updated frequently,
> and whose primary key is not updated frequently.  That's quite a logic
> problem for users to understand.

I don't think we should be optimizing only for dumb users.  In any case,
updating primary key values is very rare; some would say it never

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