On 10/21/16 12:30 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:
I don't see why we would want to stick 'N/A' in for the header, even if
we are reporting the details, when we can provide a pretty reasonable

Because then it's absolutely clear that we don't have a valid rowcount, only a guess (and a guess that's potentially off by a lot).

No one is used to seeing "N/A" in explain, so when they do see it they'll immediately realize they don't know what's going on and hit google or the docs up. Otherwise they'll just think it's an accurate rowcount like for any other node...

In particular, I certainly don't think we would want to report
N/A sometimes (lossy case) and then an actual number other times (all
exact case).  That strikes me as much more likely to be confusing.

Fair enough. I'd certainly rather have a constant N/A then a guess at the rowcount.
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