C99-specific feature, and wasn't intentional in the first place.

Per buildfarm member mylodon

This is the second time I see that in the last couple of weeks. Would
it be better to use some custom CFLAGS to detect that earlier in the
review process? I have never much used gcc's std or clang extensions
in this area. Has somebody any recommendations?

My 0.02€, I've used the following for years without problem, but it would need testing with a several versions of gcc & clang before committing:

  sh> gcc -std=c89/... ...
  sh> clang -std=c89/... ...

And a free advice, hoping not to start a troll:

Even as conservative and old fashioned as I am, I was 18 in 1989 and had a driving license. In 2017 C99 will also turn 18 and might be considered old and stable enough for pg:-)

I find it annoying that "//" comments are not supported, or having to declare variables at the beginning of a block instead of when first used...

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