I find it annoying that "//" comments are not supported, or having to
declare variables at the beginning of a block instead of when first used...

I think some c99 features would be nice (variadic macros for one), but
those particular two get a big "meh" from me.

Yeah.  Personally, I'd want to continue the rule against // comments just
as a matter of maintaining stylistic consistency.  Code that's got a
random mishmash of // and /* comments looks messy, if you ask me.

Coding styles are by definition a subjective area... Homogeneity *whatever the precise but reasonable rules* in a code base is a good thing.

An alternative that would be worth considering is to adopt a uniform
rule of // for line-ending comments and /* for all other uses.

Why not. As far as comments are concerned, editors usually highlight them in some color, and my eyes get used to the comment color, so the simpler & shorter the better, really.

We'd have to teach pgindent about that, and I dunno how hard that is.

Maybe it is enough to just to turn "/* no-nl */" to "// no-nl" in pgindent's post_indent, but probably I'm too naïve:-)

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