I find it annoying that "//" comments are not supported, or having to
declare variables at the beginning of a block instead of when first used...

I think some c99 features would be nice (variadic macros for one), but
those particular two get a big "meh" from me.

This is probably a matter of taste.

The question really to know when some C99 features (inline, mixing code & declarations, flexible array members, slash-slash comments, compound literals, variadic macros, restrict qualifier, ...), will be considered okay for Pg sources, or if they should be kept C89 compliant for the next 27 years.

Well, it seems that Microsoft took time to implement C99 features, which would mean that a recent "Visual C++" would be required to compile pg on windows if pg would use C99 features.

.oO( I wonder if it'd be possible to make ereport() an inline function ... )

Probaby not: ISTM that ereport relies on the fact that it is a macro to avoid evaluating some arguments until necessary, but the compiler would not do that on a function, whether inlined or not, because it would change the semantics if the evaluation was to fail.


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