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> Umm, my recollection regarding IPv6 parsing in the URI syntax is that
> those must appear inside square brackets -- it's not valid to have the
> IPv6 address outside brackets, and the port number is necessarily
> outside the brackets.  So there's no ambiguity.  If the current patch is
> allowing IPv6 address to appear outside of brackets, that seems like a
> bug to me.

I agree.

> The string conninfo spec should not accept port numbers in the "host"
> part.  (Does it?)

Not currently, but the proposed patch would cause it to do so.

>> So now I think that to make this work correctly, we're going to need
>> to change both the URL parser and also add parsing for the host and
>> port.  Let's say the user says this:
>> postgresql://[1::2]:3,[4::5],[6::7]::8/
> (There's a double colon before 8, I suppose that's just a typo.)

Oh, yeah.  Right.

>> It is not obvious what it means if there are multiple ports but the
>> number doesn't equal the number of hosts.
> I think we should reject the case of differing number of elements and
> neither host nor port is a singleton, as an error.  The suggestion to
> ignore some parts seems too error-prone.

OK, can do.

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