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> Since pg_log_file may contain only one line, and that
> line may be either the filename of the csv log file or
> the file name of the stderr file name it's impossible
> to tell whether that single file is in csv or stderr
> format.  I suppose it might be possible based on file
> name suffix, but Unix expressly ignores file name
> extensions and it seems unwise to force dependence
> on them.  Perhaps each line could begin with
> the "type" of the file, either 'csv' or 'stderr'
> followed by a space and the file name?  
> In other words,
> as long as you're making the content of pg_log_file
> a data structure that contains more than just a single
> file name you may as well make that data structure
> something well-defined, easily parseable in shell, extensible,
> and informative.

While you're at it, it wouldn't hurt to provide another
function that tells you the format of the file returned
by pg_current_logfile(), since pg_current_logfile()
called without arguments could return either a stderr
formatted file or a csvlog formatted file.

Or leave it for the future.  Just a thought.

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