Re: Gilles Darold 2016-10-27 <>
> > I'm partial to "format <space> path" over just line number, because
> > it's more explicit.  Either way works.
> This is the format used. Ex:
> ~$ cat /usr/local/postgresql/data/current_logfile
> stderr pg_log/postgresql-2016-10-27_185100.log
> csvlog pg_log/postgresql-2016-10-27_185100.csv

On a closer look, I like this better than my "always two lines"
suggestion. +1.

> -1, SHOW is used to display run-time parameters values in our case this
> is log_destination + log_directory + log_filename. current_logfile is a
> filename not a parameter name.

I'm not sure if it's even possible to put non-GUC information in
there. It might also be a performance problem, if pg_current_logfiles
had to read-in for every "select * from pg_settings".

Re: Karl O. Pinc 2016-10-27 <>
> Another interface to consider might be a system catalog:
> SELECT * from postgres.pg_current_logfile;
> format | path
> -------+-------------------
> syslog | /some/where/log
> cvslog | /some/where/log.csv
> (2 rows)
> Maybe good if the goal is "interactive use".  Seems like
> overkill to me, but thought I'd present the idea
> anyway.

We were discussing exactly that idea upthread before concluding that a
function with a single return value is much easier to use.


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