On 10/28/16 3:49 PM, Magnus Hagander wrote:
On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 2:44 PM, David Steele <da...@pgmasters.net
<mailto:da...@pgmasters.net>> wrote:
    The patch looks sane to me, but I think it would be good to
    backpatch the TAP test from the exclusion patch that tests
    pg_replslot as a symlink.

So that's the test that's in that same patch, 6ad8ac60, right? How much
of the code for that is actually needed? (like the row which changes a
10 to a 11? which probably means something, but is it relevant here?) Or
all of it?

The change from 10 to 11 increases the tests that are skipped on Windows, which is necessary because one extra symlink test is added.

I think you need:

-use Test::More tests => 54;
+use Test::More tests => 55;


-   skip "symlinks not supported on Windows", 10 if ($windows_os);
+   skip "symlinks not supported on Windows", 11 if ($windows_os);
+   # Move pg_replslot out of $pgdata and create a symlink to it.
+   $node->stop;
+   rename("$pgdata/pg_replslot", "$tempdir/pg_replslot")
+       or BAIL_OUT "could not move $pgdata/pg_replslot";
+   symlink("$tempdir/pg_replslot", "$pgdata/pg_replslot")
+       or BAIL_OUT "could not symlink to $pgdata/pg_replslot";
+   $node->start;

    # Create a temporary directory in the system location and symlink it
    # to our physical temp location.  That way we can use shorter names
@@ -148,6 +186,8 @@ SKIP:
        "tablespace symlink was updated");
    closedir $dh;

+ ok(-d "$tempdir/backup1/pg_replslot", 'pg_replslot symlink copied as directory');
    mkdir "$tempdir/tbl=spc2";

The rest of the tests are for exclusions.


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