On 07/13/2016 06:18 PM, Andres Freund wrote:
Attached (in patch 0003) is a proof-of-concept implementing an
expression evalution framework that doesn't use recursion. Instead
ExecInitExpr2 computes a number of 'steps' necessary to compute an
expression. These steps are stored in a linear array, and executed one
after another (save boolean expressions, which can jump to later steps).
E.g. to compute colname = 1 the steps are 1) fetch var, 2) evaluate
const, 3) call function.

We've been having trouble with the performance of simple expressions in PLpgSQL so I started playing with this patch. (No sense re-inventing the wheel after all.) It was straightforward to extend to simple expressions and showed an immediate improvement (~10% faster on a simple test). Running in our full environment highlighted a few areas that I think are worth more investigation.

However, before I tackle that, is the posted proof-of-concept still the latest and greatest? If not, any chance of getting the latest?

Going forward, I'd like to collaborate on our efforts if you're interested.

- Doug Doole

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