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> Hi Craig,
> Thanks for the pointers; I made a stab at it in:
> https://github.com/tanglebones/pg_tuid
> I've no idea if the shmem and lwlock code is correct, or how to test it. It
> seems to work (requires loading via the shared_preload_libraries) on osx in
> that the tuid_ calls work and produce the expected results on my lightly
> loaded development box (not really a good test of shmem or locks in that I
> doubt either are being exercised).

Since that's a public github I took the liberty of replying to the
list. Please reply to the list, not just to me.

Good on you for giving it a go.

For concurrency testing, the isolation tester tool in
src/test/isolation is quite handy. Custom pgbench scripts can also be
useful, though they're really only useful if you can detect an
anomalous situation and Assert to crash the backend in an
--enable-cassert build when there's a problem.

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