Tom Lane wrote:
I played with generalizing array functions a bit for plr and ran into some problems (which I can't specifically recall at the moment), but clearly that's the way to go. I'll start playing with your suggestions in C code, and report back for more feedback as it solidifies.

It'd be useful if you can reconstruct what problems you ran into.

I've played around a bit more and refreshed my memory -- here are two problems:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION array_push (anyarray, any)
RETURNS anyarray
AS '$libdir/plr','array_push'
ERROR:  parser: parse error at or near "any" at character 50

It seems that "any" is not accepted as a function parameter type. From gram.y it appears that the cause is that "any" is a reserved keyword:

 * Name classification hierarchy.
 * IDENT is the lexeme returned by the lexer for identifiers that match
 * no known keyword.  In most cases, we can accept certain keywords as

/* Type identifier --- names that can be type names.
type_name:      IDENT   { $$ = $1; }
                | unreserved_keyword { $$ = pstrdup($1); }

So for grins I did this:
regression=# select oid,typname from pg_type where typname like '%any%';
 oid  | typname
 2276 | any
 2277 | anyarray
(2 rows)

regression=# update pg_type set typname = 'anyscalar' where oid = 2276;

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION array_push (anyarray, anyscalar)
RETURNS anyarray
AS '$libdir/plr','array_push'

regression=# select array_push('{1,2}'::integer[],3::integer);
(1 row)

So far, so good. But now the second problem:
select f1[2] from
   (select array_push('{1,2}'::integer[],3::integer) as f1) as t;
ERROR:  transformArraySubscripts: type anyarray is not an array

I'm just starting to dig into this one.


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