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> Magnus Hagander <mag...@hagander.net> writes:
> > What I'm talking about is something that would be a lot simpler than
> > auto-clustering. I'm not even talking about trying to detect if the row
> was
> > about to go into the right place -- this might be expensive and certainly
> > more complicated. I'm only talking about a simple case where we *never*
> put
> > anything anywhere other than at the end of the table, period. That should
> > make the check both cheap and simple.
> It also makes it so much of a corner case that even a cheap check could be
> a net performance degradation, especially for people whose usage pattern
> doesn't match this.
I agree that it definitely solves just one problem. But it seems to be a
fairly common problem, particularly for users of BRIN users.

Full auto-clustering would cover many more usecases, but would also be a
lot more expensive to maintain.

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