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> Here is the v13 of the patch,

Just to keep things up to date...  Attached are 3 re-worked patches
that I see submitting along with the pg_current_logfile patch.
They apply on top of v13.

(I still have one more I'm working on to ensure that current_logfiles
always has valid content should an attempt to open it returns ENFILE


Writes the current_logfiles file only once when rotating both syslog
and csvlog logfiles. 

This patch pushes bool types onto the stack instead of using int.
This is a practice which is not optimal given traditional instruction
sets and compilers.  I used bool types out of clarity.  If the
compiler does not optimize the problem away it won't impact
performance anyway because the code is not run that often.
If you find this ugly change the bools to ints.

I believe this patch also fixes a bug where, when both syslog and
csvlog are on and the syslog is rotated due to size but the csvlog is
not rotated (for whatever reason), then the syslog filename fails to
be updated in the current_logfiles file content.


Creates symbols for some GUC values which appear in multiple
places in the code.


Uses symbols for some GUC values in the pg_current_logfile


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