On Wed, Nov 23, 2016 at 4:21 AM, Karl O. Pinc <k...@meme.com> wrote:
> patch_pg_current_logfile-v14.diff.bool_to_int
> Do not include in "main" patch, submit to maintainers separately.
> Applies on top of patch_pg_current_logfile-v14.diff
> The bool types on the stack in logfile_rotate() are
> my work.  Bools on the stack don't make sense as far
> as hardware goes, so the compiler's optimizer should change
> them to int.  This patch changes the bools to ints
> should that be to someone's taste.

That does not seem like a good idea from here.  Even if it buys some
microscopic speedup, in a place like this it won't matter.  It's more
important that the code be clear, and using an int where you really
intend a bool isn't an improvement as far as clarity goes.

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