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The scenario that's appealing to me the most is this for the next release:
PostgreSQL 8.0
+ Includes PITR and the Win32 port

If the folks doing those things can get done in time, great. I'm even willing to push out the release schedule (now, not later) to make it more likely they can get done. What I'm not willing to do is define the release in terms of "it happens when these things are done". We learned the folly of that approach in 7.1 and 7.2. Setting a target date and sticking to it works *much* better.

Yep, we both seem to be saying that we'd like these features, but we don't want to see them become delay-points.

+ Not sure where Satoshi is up to with his 2 phase commit proposal, but that might make sense to incorporate into a wire protocol revision.

I can't see any need for protocol-level support for such a thing. Why wouldn't it just be some more SQL commands?

Not sure. It seems like 2PC will be required/desirable within the year for better support of some clustering scenarios, so we "might as well look at it now". When I was reading Satoshi's stuff a while ago I thought it was a protcol level thing, not a SQL command level thing, but don't really care either way. :)

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Justin Clift

(Not that I believe in 2PC as a real-world solution anyway, but that's
a different argument...)

regards, tom lane

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