On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 14:05, Justin Clift wrote: 
> Tom Lane wrote:
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> > One way to tamp down expectations of client backwards compatibility
> > would be to call the release 8.0 instead of 7.4 ;-)
> > 
> > Comments?
> Actually, I've been thinking about the numbering of the next PostgreSQL 
> version for a few days now.
> The scenario that's appealing to me the most is this for the next release:
> PostgreSQL 8.0
> **************
> + Includes PITR and the Win32 port
> + Not sure where Satoshi is up to with his 2 phase commit proposal, but 
> that might make sense to incorporate into a wire protocol revision. 
>  From memory he received funding to work on it, so it might be coming 
> along nicely.
> + Other things optional of course.
> Personally, I'd rather we go for PostgreSQL 8.0, waiting a while extra 
> for PITR and Win32 if needed, and also properly co-ordinate all of the 
> release process information (website updates, package builds, Announce 
> to the mailing lists and news sources).
I don't think PITR or Win32 (or even replication) warrant an 8.0, since
none of those should effect client/server interaction and/or backward
compatibility. (Or at least not as much as schema support did, which
required most "adminy" apps to be worked over) 

A protocol change however, would warrant a version number bump IMHO. I
would guess that by the time all of the protocol changes could be
completed, we'd have win32 or pitr, so it will hopefully be moot. 

Robert Treat 

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