I agree, let's not wait for specific features.  The issue was whether we
had enough significant features done for a release --- I didn't think we
did, so I am saying, let's get more features, rather than let's get
feature X.

As we fill in missing features, there will be less must-have features to
add, so we are left with continuing with our present release pace or
releasing less frequently with the same number of feature additions.


Tom Lane wrote:
> Justin Clift <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > With 7.1/7.2, Tom mentioned us being delayed because specific features 
> > we were waiting for became dependant on one person.
> > Would it be feasible to investigate approaches for having the Win32 and 
> > PITR work be shared amongst a few very-interested volunteers, so that 
> > people can cover for each other's downtime?
> It would certainly be good to bring as much manpower to bear on those
> problems as we can.  But that doesn't really address my concern: if the
> schedule is defined as "we go beta when feature X is done", then no one
> who's working on stuff other than feature X knows how to plan their
> time.  The only fair way to run the project is "we go beta at time T";
> that way everyone knows what they need to shoot for and can plan
> accordingly.
> I don't mind setting the planned time T on the basis of what we think
> it will take for certain popular feature X's to be done.  But if the
> guys working on X aren't done at T, it's not fair to everyone else to
> hold our breaths waiting for them to be done at T-plus-who-knows-what.
> I don't really have any sympathy for the argument that "it won't be a
> compelling release if we don't have feature X".  If the release isn't
> compelling for someone, they don't have to upgrade; they can wait for
> the next release.  The folks who *are* eager for what's been gotten done
> will be glad of having a release now rather than N months from now.
> And do I need to point out that "it runs on Windoze" is not of
> earth-shattering importance for everyone?
>                       regards, tom lane
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