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> I am working on extending the functionality of PostgreSQL on Linux.
> I need to know what's the largest filesize for a single file that I can have
> under Linux?

That depends.

It depends on the size supported by the filesystem.  Usually that's at
least 2TB, these days.  (For ext2)  Any of the interesting alternative
FSes (xfs, jfs, reiserfs) offer Way Big file sizes, >2TB.

But you also need for the file size to be supported by:
 a) GLIBC, and
 b) The kernel VFS.

I believe that recent kernels and GLIBCs allow arbitrary large files,
but you will have to check on your favorite kernel and libraries, as
milage may vary.  And it's disputable whether or not that is
necessarily going to be a "Linux" question...
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