Justin Clift wrote:
> confidentiality level of the Win32/PITR patches at present, but I'd
> guess there would be at least a few solid volunteers willing to
> contribute to the Win32/PITR ports if we asked for people to step
> forwards.

I'd like to help.  I've been following the list for several months now.
I'd like to submit a patch or two and get a little active if I can cut
the mustard, so to speak.  If not, I can always supply a little testing
and benchmarking.  I have some experience writing backends, GIS, xml,
and all manner of database.  Unfortunately I have very low familiarity
with unix tools, except cvs.

Is there a non cygwin version of the source that will compile (or not)
on a win32 machine?  That would be a great place to start.


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