I've been going over this patch.  I think it'd be better to restructure
the <sect2> before adding the docs for this new function; I already
split it out, so don't do anything about this.

Next, looking at struct TableExprBuilder I noticed that the comments are
already obsolete, as they talk about function params that do not exist
(missing_columns) and they fail to mention the ones that do exist.
Also, function member SetContent is not documented at all.  Overall,
these comments do not convey a lot -- apparently, whoever reads them is
already supposed to know how it works: "xyz sets a row generating
filter" doesn't tell me anything.  Since this is API documentation, it
needs to be much clearer.

ExecEvalTableExpr and ExecEvalTableExprProtected have no comments
whatsoever.  Needs fixed.

I wonder if it'd be a good idea to install TableExpr first without the
implementing XMLTABLE, so that it's clearer what is API and what is

The number of new keywords in this patch is depressing.  I suppose
there's no way around that -- as I understand, this is caused by the SQL
standard's definition of the syntax for this feature.

Have to go now for a bit -- will continue looking afterwards.  Please
submit delta patches on top of your latest v12 to fix the comments I

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