Pavel Stehule wrote:

> 2016-11-17 19:22 GMT+01:00 Alvaro Herrera <>:
> > Next, looking at struct TableExprBuilder I noticed that the comments are
> > already obsolete, as they talk about function params that do not exist
> > (missing_columns) and they fail to mention the ones that do exist.
> > Also, function member SetContent is not documented at all.  Overall,
> > these comments do not convey a lot -- apparently, whoever reads them is
> > already supposed to know how it works: "xyz sets a row generating
> > filter" doesn't tell me anything.  Since this is API documentation, it
> > needs to be much clearer.
> >
> > ExecEvalTableExpr and ExecEvalTableExprProtected have no comments
> > whatsoever.  Needs fixed.
> I am sending the patch with more comments - but it needs a care someone
> with good English skills.

Thanks, I can help with that.

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