On 01-09-2016 01:41, Craig Ringer wrote:
> Here's a rebased version of my pg_recvlogical --endpos patch from the
> 9.5 series, updated to incoroprate Álvaro's changes.
I should review this patch in the other commitfest but was swamped with
work. The patch is almost ready but I have some points.

* We usually don't include itemlist into binary options. I suggest you
to add a new paragraph for the first item and the second one you could
add a note;
* I think you should add a small note explaining the 'endpos' behavior.
Also, I think endpos could be inclusive (since recovery also has this
behavior by default);
* I think there is a typo in those pieces of code:

+           if (endpos != InvalidXLogRecPtr && walEnd >= endpos)

+       if (endpos != InvalidXLogRecPtr && cur_record_lsn > endpos)

If you decide to be inclusive, it should be > otherwise >=.

There could be TAP tests for pg_recvlogical but it is material for
another patch.

I'll mark this patch waiting on author for your considerations.

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