Robert Haas <> writes:
> Then again, that might just be a coincidence. The other thing that's
> weird here is that the Datum being passed is apparently a NULL
> pointer, which neither MakeExpandedObjectReadOnly() nor
> MakeExpandedObjectReadOnlyInternal() are prepared to deal with.  I
> don't know whether it's wrong for a NULL pointer to occur here in the
> first place or whether it's wrong for those functions not to be able
> to deal with it if it does.

The former.  MakeExpandedObjectReadOnly does contain a null check,
so something has passed it a zero Datum along with a claim that the
Datum is not null.

Like Ashutosh, I can't reproduce the crash, so it's hard to speculate much
further.  I am wondering if 13671b4b2 somehow fixed it, though I don't see

                        regards, tom lane

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