On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 09:03, mlw wrote:
> I was at a client office reviewing some code. They use MSSQL and I 
> noticed that:
> select * from table where field = 'blah';
> gave the same results as:
> select * from table where field = 'BLah';
> I was shocked. (a) because I know a lot of my code could be easier to 
> write, and (b) that their code would break on every other database I am 
> aware of. Does anyone know about this?

Same thing with MySQL.  It's a royal pain in the ass.

It makes using non-ascii (unicode for example) text near to impossible
because of this.

> Is it practical/desirable for PostgreSQL to have this as a configuration 
> setting?

I think we already support this.  Create a new character set with upper
/ lower case specified as being equal and PostgreSQL should behave as


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