I know that the MSSQL code works because the default collation sequence for character fields is case-insensitive. You can change it for each field independantly to be case sensitive, local specific, etc. I'm not sure if PG supports a collation sequence attribute on column definitions/indexes.

Rod Taylor wrote:

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--le 12/03/2003 09:03 -0500, mlw écrivait :
| I was at a client office reviewing some code. They use MSSQL and I |
noticed that:
| | select * from table where field = 'blah';
| gave the same results as:
| select * from table where field = 'BLah';
| | I was shocked. (a) because I know a lot of my code could be easier to
| write, and (b) that their code would break on every other database I
am | aware of. Does anyone know about this?
| | Is it practical/desirable for PostgreSQL to have this as a
configuration | setting?

Well, I quite don't see any difference with writing :
select * from table where lower(field) = lower('BLah');

That would probably require an extra index, especially if 'field' is a primary key.

I don't know about MSSql, but on MySQL you also require a different index for a case sensitive comparison. Problem is, they don't (didn't) support functional indexes -- so you simply couldn't make one.

End up with: WHERE field = 'var' and strcasecmp(field, 'var') everywhere

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