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> Doc: improve documentation about composite-value usage.
> Create a section specifically for the syntactic rules around whole-row
> variable usage, such as expansion of "foo.*".  This was previously
> documented only haphazardly, with some critical info buried in
> unexpected places like xfunc-sql-composite-functions.  Per repeated
> questions in different mailing lists.


​I found it notable that you choose to introduce the OFFSET 0 hack instead
of writing a LATERAL query in the "optimization failure" example.​

SELECT (m).* FROM (SELECT myfunc(x) AS m FROM some_table OFFSET 0) ss;

instead of​

SELECT (m).* FROM some_table, LATERAL myfunc(some_table.x) m

​​Skipping or having a different example in 9.2 seems worth it in order to
introduce the now preferred way of writing such queries.

Or maybe in addition, so that some familiarity with the hack is gained
should the reader encounter it in the wild.

David J.

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