Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> Pavel Stehule wrote:
>> 2016-11-24 0:13 GMT+01:00 Alvaro Herrera <>:
>>> Oh my, I just noticed we have a new xpath preprocessor in this patch
>>> too.  Where did this code come from -- did you write it all from
>>> scratch?

>> I wrote it from scratch - libxml2 has not any API for iteration over XPath
>> expression (different than iteration over XPath expression result), and
>> what I have info, there will not be any new API in libxml2.

> Okay, I agree that the default namespace stuff looks worthwhile in the
> long run.  But I don't have enough time to review the xpath parser stuff
> in the current commitfest, and I think it needs at the very least a lot
> of additional code commentary.

contrib/xml2 has always relied on libxslt for xpath functionality.
Can we do that here instead of writing, debugging, and documenting
a pile of new code?

                        regards, tom lane

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