Daniel Verite wrote:

> Here's an updated patch. Compared to the previous version:
> - removed CopyStartSend (per comment #1 in review)
> - renamed flag to allow_long (comment #2)
> - resetStringInfo no longer resets the flag (comment #3).
> - allowLongStringInfo() is removed (comment #3 and #5),
> makeLongStringInfo() and initLongStringInfo() are provided
> instead, as alternatives to makeStringInfo() and initStringInfo().
> - StringInfoData.len is back to int type, 2GB max.
> (addresses comment #4 incidentally).
> This is safer because  many routines peeking
> into StringInfoData use int for offsets into the buffer,
> for instance most of the stuff in backend/libpq/pqformat.c
> Altough these routines are not supposed to be called on long
> buffers, this assertion was not enforced in the code, and
> with a 64-bit length effectively over 2GB, they would misbehave
> pretty badly.

Hmm, this looks a lot better I think.  One change we overlooked and I
just noticed is that we need to change appendStringInfoVA() to return
size_t rather than int.  This comment at the bottom of it gave that up:

         * Return pvsnprintf's estimate of the space needed.  (Although this is
         * given as a size_t, we know it will fit in int because it's not more
         * than MaxAllocSize.)
        return (int) nprinted;

The parenthical comment is no longer true.

This means we need to update all its callers to match.  I suppose it
won't be a problem for most of them since they are not using long
stringinfos anyway, but it seems better to keep everything consistent.
I hope that callers that do not adjust the type of the declared variable
would get a compiler warning.

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