I propose to rename allow_long to huge_ok.  "Huge" is the terminology
used by palloc anyway.  I'd keep makeLongStringInfo() and
initLongStringInfo() though as interface, because using Huge instead of
Long there looks strange.  Not wedded to that, though (particularly as
it's a bit inconsistent).

I'm not terribly sure about enlargeStringInfo().  I think I would
propose that it takes Size instead of int.  That has rather more fallout
than I'd like, but if we don't do that, then I'm not sure that
appendStringInfo continues to makes sense -- considering that it uses
the return value from appendStringInfoVA (which I'm redefining as
returning Size) to pass to enlargeStringInfo.

I'm not really sure how to ensure that the values passed fit both in an
int and Size ... which they would, given that all the callers use
not-huge stringinfos anyway.  But it'd be better if the compiler knew.

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