We are proposing changing the JDBC version from
9.4.xxxx to 42.x.x

We have two issues we are trying to address here.

1) we do not want to be tied to the server release schedule. This has been
somewhat addressed already but has left us with the second issue.

2) Avoid confusion as to which version to use with which server version.
Currently the naming scheme has 9.4 in it which leads people to believe it
is for server version 9.4

The driver is version agnostic for the most point so there is no reason to
tie it to a specific server version.

I've already talked to the package managers and they see no problems.

Please speak up now if you foresee any issues with this idea.

FYI, 42 was more or less chosen at random. But it is large enough to avoid
any future conflicts with the server, and greater than 9 to avoid issues
with maven requesting things like > 9

Dave Cramer

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