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>> While XPath is expressive and compact, XSLT
>> is rather verbose; jq is as expressive as XSLT, but with the compact
>> verbosity of XPath.
> Instead, your point was that jq seems to have many advantages over
> json-path in general, and therefore PG should offer jq instead or, or in
> addition to, json-path.
IMO jq is considerably closer to XSLT than XPath - which leads me to figure
that since xml has both that JSON can benefit from jq and json-path.  I'm
not inclined to dig too deep here but I'd rather take jq in the form of
"pl/jq" and have json-path (abstractly) as something that you can use like
"pg_catalog.get_value(json, json-path)"

​David J.

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