Sorry I took some time on this please find latest patch with addressed
review comments. Apart from fixes for comments I have introduced a new GUC
variable for the pg_autoprewarm "buff_dump_interval". So now we dump the
buffer pool metadata at every buff_dump_interval secs. Currently
buff_dump_interval can be set only at startup time. I did not choose to do
the dumping at checkpoint time, as it appeared these 2 things are not much
related and keeping it independent would be nice for usage. Also overhead
of any communication between them can be avoided.

On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 1:45 AM, Jim Nasby <> wrote:
 > IMO it would be better to add this functionality to pg_prewarm instead
of creating another contrib module. That would reduce confusion and reduce
 > the amount of code necessary.

I have merged pg_autoprewarm module into pg_prewarm, This is just the
directory merge, Functionality merge is not possible pg_prewarm is just a
utility function with specific signature to load a specific relation at
runtime, where as pg_autoprewarm is a bgworker which dumps current buffer
pool and load it during startup time.

> Presumably the first 4 numbers will vary far less than blocknum, so it's
probably worth reversing the order here (or at least put blocknum first).

function sort_cmp_func is for qsort so orderly comparison is needed to say
which is bigger or smaller, If we put blocknum first, we cannot decide same.

> AFAICT this isn't necessary since palloc will error itself if it fails.


> Since there's no method to change DEFAULT_DUMP_FILENAME, I would call it
what it is: DUMP_FILENAME.


> Also, maybe worth an assert to make sure there was enough room for the
complete filename. That'd need to be a real check if this was configurable
> anyway.

I think if we make it configurable I think I can put that check.

 > + if (!avoid_dumping)
 > +               dump_now();
 > Perhaps that check should be moved into dump_now() itself...


Thanks and Regards
Mithun C Y

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