* From: Michael Paquier

> With 0005 I am seeing a compilation failure: you need to have the
> declarations in the _MSC_VER block at the beginning of the routine. It

Sorry, too used to C++.

> would be nice to mention in a code comment that this what Noah has
> mentioned upthread: if a CRT loads while pgwin32_putenv() is
> executing, the newly-loaded CRT will always have the latest value.

I fixed the existing comment by removing the last sentence that is in the wrong 
place now, but I don't see the point in suddenly starting to explain why it is 
done this way and not the other.

> Based on that 0006 will need a rebase, nothing huge though.

Done, new revisions attached.


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Description: 0006-Fix-the-unload-race-as-best-we-can.patch

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