Tom Lane kirjutas N, 13.03.2003 kell 19:12:
> Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > OK, let's look at these more closely:
> >> array_push(anyarray, anyelement) returns anyarray
> > The standard spelling for that appears to be
> >     somearray || ARRAY[element]
> > which also has the nice property that it is commutative.
> Sure ... but that just means that || is the operator name for the
> underlying array_push function.  We still need a way to declare this
> operation as a function.

I think he mant that you just need to conacat for too arrays, no need
for single-element push/append. OTOH a separate push may be more

contrib/intarray has the following functions (note that they use + for
|| above)


  int[] && int[]  - overlap - returns TRUE if arrays has at least one
                    common elements.
  int[] @  int[]  - contains - returns TRUE if left array contains
                    right array
  int[] ~ int[]   - contained - returns TRUE if left array is contained
                    in right array
  # int[]         - return the number of elements in array
  int[] + int     - push element to array ( add to end of array)
  int[] + int[]   - merge of arrays (right array added to the end 
                    of left one)
  int[] - int     - remove entries matched by right argument from array
  int[] - int[]   - remove right array from left
  int[] | int     - returns intarray - union of arguments
  int[] | int[]   - returns intarray as a union of two arrays
  int[] & int[]   - returns intersection of arrays
  int[] @@ query_int  - returns TRUE if array satisfies query 
                       (like '1&(2|3)')
  query_int ~~ int[]  - -/-


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