> The other problem with not thinking about that general case is that
> people will keep on proposing little bitty features that nibble at
> the problem but may or may not be compatible with a general solution.
> To the extent that such patches get accepted, we'll be forced into
> either backwards-compatibility breakage or sub-optimal solutions when
> we do get to the point of wanting a general answer.  I'd much rather
> start with a generalized design and then implement it piece by piece.
> (This is more or less the same point as my nearby stand against localized
> hacking of backslash parsing rules.)
>                         regards, tom lane

In order for me to understand how high the bar has been set, can you
(Robert/Tom mostly, but I welcome any responses) explain what you mean by
"full-blown expression language"? What constructs must it include, etc?

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