Hello Pavel,

Some possibilities from pgbench can have sense in psql too - generating
some random numbers from a range.

Could you expand on the use case where this would be useful?

In the end we use one parser for psql and for pgbench.

Note that "master" lexer is already shared, thanks to Tom, so as to detect consistently where a query ends.

I agree, so step 2 should be enough, and I accept so there is opened door
for any future enhancing.

Good, because that was the idea:-)

We can implement some client side boolean functions (similar to pgbench
functions that can cover often tasks: version_less, version_greather,
user_exists, tables_exists, index_exists, variable_exists, schema_exists,

Yes, that is a possibility, but this can already be queried into a :-variable, so it is less indispensable.


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