Darko Prenosil <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> What about user messages ? 
> If I remember correct, MSSQL had a system catalog table with formated error 
> messages, and it was possible to raise error with error number and it's 
> parameters. It can be very useful when you must raise same error from 
> different places in the code.

But that's exactly the direction we are *not* going in.  We had that
discussion a long time ago when we first started internationalizing
our error messages.  Peter Eisentraut convinced everybody that we did
not want to tie error codes to unique error messages.  [digs in archives
...] See for example
I have no desire to revisit that choice.

There is nothing to stop you from creating your own user-defined
messages, and even adding them to the .po files in your installation
if the need strikes.  We aren't going to store them in any system table,

                        regards, tom lane

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