On 14 Mar 2003, Greg Stark wrote:

> "scott.marlowe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > You're quick to throw out a trollish barb against PHP without any 
> > real discussion as to why it's such a horrible language.  
> No need to be so sensitive. It was just a humorous way of making the point
> that just because PHP does something doesn't mean it's necessarily the best
> idea. Suffice it to say I disagree about the quality of PHP language design
> but it wasn't the point of the comment nor is it on topic.
> Do you really think someone looking for a function to break up a string into a
> list of strings would ever think of looking up "explode" in an index if he
> hadn't already used PHP or (shudder) VBScript?
> Oops, there I go again.

Let me answer your question with a question:

Is anyone who is familiar with SQL syntax gonna look for "join" when 
thinking about arrays? 

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