On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Christopher Browne wrote:

> > Do you really think someone looking for a function to break up a
> > string into a list of strings would ever think of looking up "explode"
> > in an index if he hadn't already used PHP or (shudder) VBScript?
> It's also one of the classic examples of things used in introductory
> courses on Lisp that are absolutely counterproductive because no one
> would ever use (EXPLODE FOO) in /real/ code...

OK, that's enough.  No one's been insulting your coding skills, your 
choice of language or how you use it.  Please return the favor.  That's 
all I'm asking.  It may seem like a throw away line for you, but you are 
both directly insulting many people who have done you no harm.

I vote for explode / implode as easier to type and remember than join_str.  
Also, in the SQL world, it's very likely that a back ground in 
ADA/LISP/REX/PHP is just as common as Perl or Java.

If you've got a point to make, please try to do so in a manner that isn't 
a backhanded slap to others at the same time.

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