On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 11:53 AM, Erik Rijkers <e...@xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> My bad.  The fix I sent last night for one of the cache flush issues
>> wasn't quite right.  The attached seems to fix it.
> Yes, fixed here too.  Thanks.

Thanks for the report - that was a good catch.

I've committed 0001 - 0006 with that correction and a few other
adjustments.  There's plenty of room for improvement here, and almost
certainly some straight-up bugs too, but I think we're at a point
where it will be easier and less error-prone to commit follow on
changes incrementally rather than by continuously re-reviewing a very
large patch set for increasingly smaller changes.

Some notes:

* We should try to teach the executor never to scan the parent.
That's never necessary with this system, and it might add significant
overhead.  We should also try to get rid of the idea of the parent
having storage (i.e. a relfilenode).

* The fact that, in some cases, locking requirements for partitioning
are stronger than those for inheritance is not good.  We made those
decisions for good reasons -- namely, data integrity and not crashing
the server -- but it would certainly be good to revisit those things
and see whether there's any room for improvement.

* I didn't commit 0007, which updates the documentation for this new
feature. That patch removes more lines than it adds, and I suspect
what is needed here
is an expansion of the documentation rather than a diminishing of it.

* The fact that there's no implementation of row movement should be
documented as a limitation.  We should also look at removing that

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