(Copying this one to -hackers as well, for git coverage)

We were just notified by one of our hosting providers, MeetMe, that they
are about to start physically moving two of our servers to a different
datacenter. Unfortunately, we were only given about an hours warning on
this, so we have been unable to migrate important services elsewhere before
the downtime.

The following services may be affected, and we have no idea how long the
downtime will be (we've been given a maximum window of 6 hours, but we hope
it's going to be around an hour):

* Main website backend systems (anything dynamic on the website, cached
content will continue to serve)
* Website search
* List archives (except cached pages). (Mailinglists themselves should
continue to work)
* git.postgresql.org (gitmaster not affected)
* irc docbot
* postgres.ca website and associated services

We apologize for this inconvenience, and will work with the techs from
MeetMe to get the systems back up as quickly as possible.

 Magnus Hagander
 Me: http://www.hagander.net/
 Work: http://www.redpill-linpro.com/

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