On Fri, Dec 9, 2016 at 3:14 PM, Junseok Yang <jsy...@bitnine.net> wrote:
> I met SIGSEGV when using `array_position()` with record type
> arguments, so I've written a patch which corrects this problem. It
> seems that `array_position...()` sets wrong memory context for the
> cached function (in this case `record_eq()`) which is used to find a
> matching element.
> The problem is reproducable with the following query.
> SELECT array_position(ids, (1, 1))
> FROM (VALUES (ARRAY[(0, 0)]), (ARRAY[(1, 1)])) AS _(ids);

Good catch. That's present since 13dbc7a8 and the introduction of
array_offset(), or array_position() on HEAD, so the patch should be
applied down to 9.5.

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