Hi Micheal,

> I bet that this patch breaks many things for any non-WIN32 platform.

It seems to me like you have already identified some issues when
testing. If yes, could please share it. I have tested my patch  on
CentOS-7 and Windows-7 machines and have found no issues. I ran all
the regression test suites including the test cases for pldebugger.

> What I think you want to do is modify the flag events associated to
> the socket read/write event to be updated in WaitEventAdjustWin32(),

Well, this does not work as the following if check does not allow the
FD_READ or FD_WRITE flags to be applied on the already existing socket
handle. We have already debugged and verified this.

       if (events == event->events &&
                (!(event->events & WL_LATCH_SET) || set->latch == latch))

> which gets called in ModifyWaitEvent(). By the way, position 0 refers
> to a socket for FeBeWaitSet, but that's a mandatory thing when a list
> of events is created with AddWaitEventToSet.

Yes, 0th position refers to event for socket and we will have to pass
0 as an argument to get socket events from FeBeWaitSet. You may see
the usage of ModifyWaitEvent() in secure_read where we are passing the
hard coded value (0) to get the socket events from the FeBeWaitSet.

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