Thank you for comments.

>There is a similar code pattern for materialized views, see
>create_ctas_nodata() where the attribute list is built
create_ctas_nodata() is for creation of materialized views WITH NO DATA.
For other materialized views and CREATE TABLE AS, column definitions are
built in
intorel_startup() function which has different code from that of CREATE
VIEW which
the patch deals with.

Limiting the scope of the patch to include changing the type of literal
to text only for plain views. Also, error out when column with UNKNOWN type
being created for other relations like tables and materialized views.

>And actually, shouldn't this be just a plain error?
Changed it to error in the attached patch.

>Your patch has no regression tests, surely you want some to stress
>this code path
Added regression tests in the attached patch.

Also adding this patch to CF 2017-01

Thank you,
Rahila Syed

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