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> Vladimir Rusinov <vrusi...@google.com> writes:
> > Therefore, I propose this patch.
> Right now is a really bad time to do that; what it will mostly accomplish
> is to break back-patching of doc fixes for little benefit.

ack. As I said, it's a proposal and I'm not too attached to it.
Glad it sparked some discussions though.

That said, I don't fully buy this argument: diff is very simple. Merge
conflicts during backporting will be trivial to fix, although a bit more

> There is work afoot to convert the documentation to xml.  If that
> succeeds, it'd make sense to strip trailing spaces (and start enforcing
> that in .gitattributes) when we do that, since it'll be a back-patch
> breakpoint anyway.  But right now the PITA factor outweighs the benefit.

What is the ETA for this work to be complete (or fail and be abandoned)?

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