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> > They are considered bad practice in many style guides and many editors
> > configured to stip them on every save.
> >
> > Such editors will produce spurious diffs when editing the documentation.
> >
> > Therefore, I propose this patch.
> As mentioned down-thread, most of this is from psql output and I don't
> know that we actually want to get rid of that whitespace.  Ideally, we
> could indicate that trailing whitespace should be preserved when
> printing examples, either with the SGML or the XML format.
> The (relativly few) ones I include below do look like cases we should
> probably fix and back-patch (to simplify later back-patching efforts).
> Most of these only go back to 9.6 (parallel.sgml) anyway.

I'm not sure if it makes sense to merge just these, as it will not help
people with whitespace-eating editors.

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